Emerson AC Power & UPS Purchase
Emerson AC Power & UPS Purchase in Delih
Emerson AC Power & UPS Purchase in India
We are the Oldest Business Partners of Vertiv Energy (Formerly Emerson Network Power) and have been in the Power Conditioning Industry for over 2 and a half decades.
We have an installed base of over 10,000 UPS Systems apart from a very large installed base of other Power related equipment.
Vertiv Energy is a USD 4.3 billion Company (Fiscal 2018) headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. It has its regional Headquarters in India, China, Philippines & UK.

They are the market leaders in the Power Conditioning business in India, with has a strong national network and their Service/ Support Network on an All-India Basis is unmatched by any other entity. Their Global Leadership in the field of UPS Systems, Precision Air-Conditioning, Data Centers, Smart Row Solutions to name a few products; is well established.
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